OSIBISA exploded on to the music world in 1971 with a pulsating and vibrant sound that was to engulf the tired post 60's rock scene.
Translated from Ghanaian OSIBISA means "criss cross rhytmns that explode with happiness" br> The bands percussive influence began to manifest itself within the music of their contemporaries. The Osibisa poly-rhythms and percussive breaks were to be an integral feature of the disco boom that ws to follow in the late 1970's.
OSIBISA's unique fusion of African, Caribbean, Rock, Jazz, Latin and R&B paved the way for other potent music forces such as Bob Marley and the emergence of African music in the 1980's. Indeed OSIBISA are seen by many as the Godfathers of World Music.
One of the important reasons for OSIBISA's enduring success has been their highly energetic and extravagant stage shows.
For Many years now they've toured tirelessly, headlining numerous festivals and performing in every far flung corner of the globe.
Highlights have included a major tour of India, which resulted in a No. 1 Gold album, an unprecedented achievement for a Western band.
The mid 90's has seen a re-emergence of OSIBISA in North America where African and Reggae music are gaining popularity.

OSIBISA have recently played festivals in New York, Los Angeles, Ghana, Cape town and the legendary Cropready Folk Festival (in the UK) which was filmed by famed director Ken Russell.

The Influence OSIBISA has had on music continues to this day with the collaboration of bandleader Teddy Osei performing on Finley Quaye's new album. Matt Bianko has released a cover version of the OSIBISA classic "SUNSHINE DAY" with Kim Mazelle on backing vocals.

As OSIBISA heads for the millenium, 1998 will see the re-release of "MONSORE" their current studio album and the re-issue of their earlier successful albums brilliantly re-mastered on CD and available on Red Steel Music in the UK. The release of "MONSORE" will be backed up by festival appearances in the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, Greece and North America.

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